Ring Sizing Info

We use standard US sizing.

Please choose one of the following options to find out your ring size. 

1. Click on the link below and print at 100%. Ensure that the line shown on the chart measures 125mm

RING SIZE CHART (pdf document)

2. Click on the following link (no printing required) http://findmyringsize.com/

3. RING SIZE TABLE (below)

RING SIZE: comes in US sizes
DIAMETER: You can use a ruler to measure across the inside edge of the ring in millimetres.
CIRCUMFERENCE: Measure the circumference of your finger (in mm) by wrapping a measuring tape around your finger, making sure it slides easily over the knuckle.

Ring Size Table

Factors in how to determine ring size.

There are many factors that determine your ring size, which can change from day to night and season to season, as follows:

  • Temperature – Fingers have a smaller diameter in cold weather and a bigger diameter in warm weather
  • Humidity causes fingers to swell
  • Time of Day – Fingers tend to be a smaller diameter in the morning and bigger at night.
  • It is advised to have your finger sized in the middle of the day in a room that is room temperature.
  • When buying a ring with a wide band, move up a size for comforts sake